Four tips to make your kitchen eco-friendly

Four tips to make your kitchen eco-friendly
Follow a green approach and make your home and lifestyle valuable with these eco-friendly kitchen ideas.

Go green every time you clean
You can replace chemical-ridden cleaning formulas based products to wipe down your kitchen bench tops and oven with green and natural cleaning solution.

You can pay attention to household products in your pantry and get an overview about how to throw out stubborn grease as well as food stains without delay.

A combination of the baking soda and warm water is recommended to effectively clean stovetop. You can use undiluted vinegar to clean sticky kitchen cabinets.

This is worthwhile to combine and use lemon, baking soda and plant-based dishwashing liquid as an all-purpose cleaner to conveniently wipe down any surface almost immediately.

Plan meals in advance
You have to buy only what you need to make meals on your own and reduce food waste in your kitchen. A proper plan in advance is very helpful to achieve this goal.

You can write down all foods you wish to stock up for following a healthy diet plan before visiting the supermarket. You can buy fruits, vegetables, milk and other genres of household items as per your requirements.

Reusable shopping bags
You have to bring a reusable bag every time you visit the supermarket. This is because plastic bags add to landfills. More than 10 million new plastic bags are used every day and 3.76 billion of such bags make it to the dump every year, revealed by Clean up Australia.

These plastic bags kill ever-increasing marine life every year because seabirds and other marine animals pick this rubbing on the shore. If this damage cycle continues, then plastic bags last from 20 to 1000 years.

You can reduce plastic bags used in your kitchen by making every shop with a reusable bag.

Reuse empty jars and containers
There is no need to keep your empty jam jar in the recycling bin. You can rinse and clean it well and give it a good lease on new life.

You can add a catchy ribbon around such jar and use it in different ways such as a vase for new spring blooms, create your own mini terrariums, place a candle in it and keep it as a table centrepiece or mount some jam jars to wall and create the most convenient storage containers for crafts and stationery without any delay and difficulty.