Effective ways to slash your energy bill

When the festive season came then you must spend your money for an expense of gifts, New Year school fees and holidays so it is the time to tighten purse string at your home.

Luckily AGL smarter living share is offering their wonderful tips on utilizing energy efficient which is really useful to save money on home energy bills and it is really useful to your environment.

  • Provide fridge cold shoulder– As everyone knows fridge might use seven percent of the total household energy so open as small as possible. But you must keep it three-quarters full so it can operate more effectively. Water containers are not really used to fill empty space at your fridge but also it can keep it operating at the best. It is having the capability to provide a refreshing beverage in summer.
  • Standby for a shock- In case appliances are in the standby mode then it might continue to use energy. Sometimes it might consume more energy when compared to other appliances. According to the studies says that standby power might account for around ten percentages of the Australian household energy use which might cost more than 950 million per year. If possible you might switch off the appliances such as cd players, DVD players, and VCRs.
  • Shower power- One of the easiest ways to sustainable in a bathroom is that installing water efficient showerhead. Basically, conventional showerhead might maintain an adequate level of the water pressure. This kind of the showerhead is available in a hardware store and it can minimize the energy charges by 507 dollars per year.
  • Dirty dishes- Dishwater might make cleaning up after the dinner breeze and sometimes it could be the costly time saver. You might also change dishwasher setting so that you might open a door when the wash cycle is finished and allow your dishes dry naturally. You are recommended to check your appliance manual for guidance. Drying cycle of dishwasher might consume energy so try to dry dishes naturally.
  • Downlight with a difference- Downlight is the sustainable lighting option to downlight. You can replace 20, 50-watt halogen downlights with the 15-watt fluorescent downlight which might minimize annual usage charges up to 140 per year.

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